Monday, October 4, 2010

I am woman hear me ROAR!

My daddy taught me how.

I am a girl who can take care of herself and does. I take pride in what I know how to do and I want to learn what I cannot. I am overly independent and i like it that way.

I do things my way. For example, last night my roommate was cleaning the bathroom and broke our toilet seat. Today at lunch i went a bought a new one, went home, cleaned the toilet, and proceeded to replace the seat all while in a skirt. I know its a simple and any man (and many women) reading this is rolling his eyes because he knows simple such a task is. But it is still a moment of pride for me.

Being independent and not having to call the boyfriend or father to fix something for me makes me happy. I like to fix and tinker but rarely get the opportunity. I love the opportunity to pull out my tools box, which is NOT PINK, and do things for myself. I can do these things on my own.

But then again I did read the instructions.