Saturday, February 13, 2010

Only Kelsey...

So i am a constant nerd and embarrassment to myself, and I am okay with that most of the time.

Today I went to the wedding of 2 wonderful friends and the ceremony was beautiful, the bride was radiant and glowing (in the words of her Maid of Honor: "I could tan off of your glow!") The songs choices were so filled and Christ centered. Allyssa was telling Anna and I that Gabe was really active through the whole ceremony! It was a beautiful day. (I am now in love with How Beautiful by Twila Paris-SO GORGEOUS!) It was a small wedding and I was very honored to be invited.

So i met up with friends at the reception and we chit-chatted and kept each other company since we didn't know a lot of the people there. We ate, listened to toasts and watched the couples first dance. It was a wonderful night.

THEN... it came time for the bouquet toss and all of us single ladies got up to try and catch the bouquet. Well when Allyssa throws it, it happens to come in my direction (which is rare) and was a shorter toss so i think i might have a change to catch it.

I reach forward...

and reach a little farther forward...

and fall off of my heels, and right onto the bouquet. Yes I did. I was informed as i got up that it looked like I dove for it but at least it was a graceful fall.

Oh well what can I do, I am me and that is all that I and God can ask of myself.

Love yourself today, in all your embarrassing or nerdy moments and when all is going well in your life. Thank God for those moments too since He is laughing and crying with you too.

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