Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Joseph

Joseph was a man for few words.

In the bible, Joseph is never quoted for having said anything. But he was the man of action. The Angels brought him many of the messages. The Angel told Joseph to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt. Joseph needed to take them to protect them from the impending dangers.

Joseph is the protector of Jesus. He watched over him, cared for him and kept him from harm.

Joseph died before Jesus started his ministry, which ended with his crucifixtion, death and ressurection. Do you really think that Joseph - the man that spent his life protecting Jesus - would have ever watch him die in such a harsh way?

Over Joseph's dead body would Jesus have been on that cross. Maybe that was the whole point?


  1. Maybe St. Joseph would have known it was God's will and went along, holding Mary. Comforting Mary. Protecting her.

  2. Maybe but i don't think any father (or in this case step-father) can ever watch their child die such a gruesome death. and watching Jesus go through the worst kind of death would have killed the man who spent his life protecting him. Then he would have been useless to us.

    Jesus would also have not given Mary to John, signifying Mary as our Mother.