Monday, March 1, 2010

What we wear.

A few weeks ago, I lost a pair of jeans. My favorite pair of "make my butt look nice" jeans. I like them a lot. I went a week without finding them and actually had friends praying to St. Anthony... I was desperate to find them. (and eventually I did).

Anyways in the course of my jeans going missing I realized something about the clothes we wear. They give us a lot of confidence, can change our mood or how you see yourself that day.

You look at yourself differently when you are in something that you feel good in.
This world makes such a big eal out wearing the right thing or hanging the right brands in your closet and I don't like it.
That being said if you are comfortable with WHO you are then what you wear is just packaging.

But it is funny the things that change our moods. Packaging or not, its good to feel beautiful and stop letting that dress sit in the back of your closet or saving that amazing top hat for a special occasion.

Be confident in WHO you are and more importantly THE ONE who put you here and gave me all my curves or you none at all. Let God's love be what people see, not the brand.

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